What is GIS?

A geographical Information System (GIS) is a computer program that collects, stores, verifies, integrates, manipulates, analyzes, and displays information about locations on the surface of the Earth. A GIS is typically used to manage a variety of maps. These could be represented as several layers, where each layer contains information on a specific class of features. Each feature has a connection to both a record in an attribute database and a place on the map’s graphical representation.

Responsibilities of the Department:

  • Spatial data creation, distribution, and maintenance within Jamestown city limits and its one-mile extraterritorial limit.
  • Utilizing GIS data to create maps and applications that serve the City’s operational needs and assisting City workers with GIS applications.
  • Coordination and sharing of GIS data and resources with outside organizations and consultants working on projects within the City of Jamestown.

Coordinate System the City of Jamestown uses:

  • Coordinate System: North Dakota State Plane Coordinate System
  • Zone: North Dakota South (fips 3302)
  • Units: International Survey Feet

City of Jamestown Map Gallery- Click Here

City of Jamestown Plat Maps- Click Here


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