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1. How do I report tall grass or weeds?

Call City Hall and speak to someone in the Public Works Department, give the address of the property you want to report.

2. When do I need a City of Jamestown Excavation Permit?

Anytime you excavate, construct, re-construct, repair alter patch or grade any sidewalk, curb cut, driveway or street on the public streets, avenues or alleyways.

3. How do I request repair of a broken sidewalk other than my own?

Call City Hall and speak to someone in the Public Works Department and report the address of the broken sidewalk.

4. Who is responsible for the sidewalk , curb and gutter adjacent to my property?

The property owner adjacent to the sidewalk is responsible for sidewalk repairs and snow removal from the sidewalk area.

Curb and gutter damaged by city snow removal efforts will be repaired by the city crews.  Sunken or heaved curb and gutter will be repaired by the city under the 7 year street repair project. Any other curb & gutter work is the property owners' responsibility.

5. How do I request repair of my sidewalk or curb & gutter?

You may have your sidewalk or curb and gutter repaired by a licensed contractor with the required permits, or you may sign a petition to place the work on the city sidewalk, curb & gutter project.  Costs will be applied to your special assessments.

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