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Don’t Be A Scam Victim

Don’t want to be the victim of a scam?  Then don’t wire money! Almost every scam involves your money being wired.

Thousands of dollars are stolen from Jamestown residents each year, by scammers, claiming they (or you) won a sweepstakes or inheritance. Or the scammer may have placed a classified ad, claiming he or she has something for sale or is willing to buy the item you posted.  The scammer may post an ad for a work at home opportunity, like a secret shopper.  The scammer may ask you to cash a check (counterfeit), keep a portion for yourself and wire the remaining back to him.  The scammer may claim he is your grandson’s attorney and bail is needed to get your grandson out of jail.  You met the scammer, chatting online and for you two to get together you need to wire him or her some money.  In any case, who ever is trying to scam you, will eventually ask you to wire them money, that’s when you should realize this is a scam.

To catch a fish (or you a victim), you need a hook, bait and line.  The hook is the phone, the computer or the classified ad.  The bait is the sweepstakes, the classified ad, the bail out, or the job opportunity.  The fishing line is the wire.  Don’t wire money to anybody you have not physically met.  Someone you met on-line, who sent a photo of themselves, is not someone you have physically met, don’t be fooled by a photo.  Once your money is wired it is very difficult to track, because the scammer can basically be anywhere to receive it.  Don’t be a caught fish, snap the line.

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