Departments Public Safety Fire Members Page


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Fire Chief

J. Reuther

Deputy Chief

H. Larson

Battalion Chief

Gordy Christianson


D. Barton
F. Schumacher

Safety Officer

J. Ash

Company #1

Lt. M. Walsh
D. Mickelson
S. Johnson
T. Duven
J. Hatch
C. Jenkins
J. Gushwa

Company #2

Lt. S. Mohr
G. Christianson
B. Kamlitz
J. Smaage
M. Chapin
K. Sand
J. Burkle

Company #3

Lt. L. Hust
C. Hubbard
J. Johnson
P. Bear
M. Romans
T. Vining
J. Kolden
G. Christianson

Company #4

Lt. M. Urquhart
T. Steckler
B. Kilzer
R. Lies
M. Brugger
M. Henne
C. Boom
E. Pigors