Selecting The Right Tree

The tree recommended in this listing are species and cultivated varieties (also, called cultivars) have proven winter hardy, adaptable to local soil conditions and have special characteristics that are beneficial to the aesthetics and maintenance of the urban environment over a long time period.

  • No trees should be planted on boulevards less than 4 feet wide. Narrow boulevards provide limited growing space and conflicts with servicing existing utilities.
  • Look up for overhead power and cable lines. Only smaller trees should be used on these sites.
  • If there is open exposure to the sun on south and west sides of your house, you may want to select trees to shade and reduce cooling costs.
  • If there is open exposure to wind on the north and west sides of your house, you may want to select trees that will reduce wind and collect snow and reduce heating costs.
  • Select more ornamental trees to increase the aesthetic and property value.
  • There are certain tree species that are prohibited from city boulevards including: American and Siberian elms, all species of Willows, Poplars, Evergreens such as Spruces, Pines and Junipers, and trees or shrubs that sucker easily and become a traffic problems.


Please see the Recommended Boulevard Trees for Jamestown document under quick links.