Arborist License

The City of Jamestown requires any person to obtain an Arborist License for tree work where tree branches of any size are removed or handled above chest height for the exchange of money. The Arborist License requires proof of liability insurance, a bond made out in favor of the City of Jamestown, adequate Work Force Safety insurance and certification of training via ISA Certified Arborist Program or like certification. If the applicant does not have such certification, they study and take a test of knowledge from the City Forester. After the first year of License there is a requirement of 10 continuing education training each year to renew the license. This includes attending educational seminars that are held locally or by the North Dakota Urban & Forestry Association or other educational studies as designated by the City Forester.  Proof and records of these activities must be provided and approved by the City Forester.

Why should you as a homeowner use a Licensed Arborist? Some homeowners will feel they can remove the tree themselves. Use reason before taking this challenge on your own. While it may seem like a simple task to remove a tree it is one of the most dangerous forms of employment without training. Many people are killed or seriously injured and may end up with long term handicaps that cost more than having a professional do the job.