Tree Maintenance

It is the responsibility of homeowners to maintain and care for trees planted on their boulevard. This includes pruning branches over the street and sidewalks. The branch requirement over residential streets is 12 feet which branches in commercial areas of town are required to be pruned to a height of 13 feet. Tree branches over sidewalks are to be maintained to a height of 8 feet over the middle of the sidewalk. Tree branches that interfere with the visibility of traffic signs and lights must be pruned to provide adequate clearance and visibility to a distance of 100 feet for moving traffic.

Any tree branches or shrub growth into the alley right-of-ways must be pruned for clearance and safety of public workers and private citizens that use these public ways. The right of way is approximately 20 feet wide or 10 feet from the agreed center line. Shrubs are not allowed on city boulevards near corners or in areas that may develop a traffic visibility problem.

Every winter the City Forester, along with the City of Jamestown Street Department prune street trees.  We will focus on one quarter of the city at a time.  The pruning that is done at this time will be done to meet the International Society of Arboriculture Best Management Practices.  Meaning that there will be no topping, no stobs left sticking out and decisions will be made to uphold the integrity of the tree. However, due to the amount of work and time constraints due to the extreme conditions in North Dakota, the pruning that will be done will not include the entire tree but only that which could interfere with traffic and visibility.  If you would like a complete pruning of your trees, it is recommended that you contact one of the licensed arborists in Jamestown