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1. When and where does the City Council meet?

The City Council meets the first Monday of each month. If it happens to be a holiday, then on Tuesday, the day after. Special City Council meetings may be called as needed.

2. When and where City Committee meetings held?

City Committee meetings are held at City hall on the Tuesday and Thursday two weeks preceeding the City Council meeting held on the first Monday of each month. The Planning Commission meets the second Monday of each month.

3. Are city council and city committee agendas and minutes available online?

Yes, using the menu at the top of this page navigate to Government, then Minutes & Agendas.

4. Are permit and license applications available online?

Yes, for more information please refer to the Permit & License Applications page.

5. What is a special assessment?

A special assessment is a type of improvement which benefits the property.

6. How often are special assessment street resurfacing projects done?

Street resurfacing projects are done annually, rotating over the seven areas or sections established within the City.

7. How long of a time period will the special assessments be on my annual tax statement?

Special assessments are spread over a minimum of seven years to a maximum of 20 years, depending on the type of work completed. The annual street improvement project is spread normally over seven years.

8. Do I have the option to pay off my special assessments early?

Yes, you would need to call City Hall at (701) 252-5900 for a pay off amount.

9. If I decide not to pay off special assessments immediately, what is the interest rate I am being charged?

The interest rate for a special assessment project is determined by the bond issue sold for the project, so it will vary from year to year.

10. Are door to door sales allowed in residential areas?

Door to door sales are allowed in residential areas, but prior to selling, individual(s) must obtain a transient merchant permit from City Hall.

11. How can we close a street for a neighborhood gathering?

To temporarily close off a street for an event, a street closing application would need to be submitted to City Hall no later than one month prior to the event.

12. Where do I get a dog or cat license?

You can obtain these at the Law Enforcement Center (Police Department) located at 205 6th Street SE in Jamestown. For more information please visit the Police Department's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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